Product Introduction

USB 智能多色流光5A快速充電線


1) Smart function reminds charging completion.

2) Multi-color flow-flashing.

3) 5A fast charge.

4) Strong anti-interference data communication.

5) 5A Type C connector  with two other connectors for option, iPhone or Micro USB connector



1) Length of the luminous line: 100 cm
2) 5A fast charging cable: AWG18 tinned copper core
3) Data communication line: AWG30 tinned copper core, covered with aluminum foil to remove noise interference and enhance communication capability.                         
4) Fiber: OD 0.75mm * 3 pcs / m
5) Maximum input voltage: DC 12 V
6) Maximum charging current: 5A



1) After USB A is plugged in, the cable starts to shine.

2) When the battery is approaching full charged, the flow -flashing speed will slow down.

3) After the battery is fully charged, the flow-flashing stops as a charging reminder function.

***Remarks: 5A fast charge cable to reach the 5A fast charge preconditions:
1) Power adapter output must be at least 5A current.
2) Mobile phone must also input at least 5A current.